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Using QR codes to post voice reflections

Posted on: April 16, 2011

Recently, I discovered QR (quick response) codes and decided to brainstorm ways in which these could be used in a classroom settings.  QR codes can be easily generated by sites like kaywa.  A QR code can link to many different resources- a website, SMS, phone numbers, etc.  So, I decided to use my Google Voice number as the target and created a QR code that would dial up directly.  I integrated this into an assignment where my students were to respond to an activity.  They had a prompt that they were to verbally reflect, via the phone call.  Sure, they could have just dialed up but it was so much cooler to use a QR reader from their phone!

Applications in the classroom:  using this activity with Google voice allows kids to turn in fluency readings, reflections, poetry jams- really anything!  You can set up your Google voice account to forward transcripts to your e-mail or text message.  This is a really nice feature as you can archive student submissions into folders and track them over time.  A digital verbal voice portfolio.  I love this activity because it is applicable to any age or subject area.  I used this with adult learners, and it worked great!

Kids will get a kick out of turning in traditional work in non-traditional ways!

Resources for this activity:

Kaywa Code Generator- http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

Google Voice- www.google.com/voice


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