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Check out the website flippedlearning.org. It is a great starting point to learn more about what a flipped classroom looks like and how to use this approach effectively.

Here is a video to introduce you to the power of the flipped classroom.



Recently, I discovered QR (quick response) codes and decided to brainstorm ways in which these could be used in a classroom settings.  QR codes can be easily generated by sites like kaywa.  A QR code can link to many different resources- a website, SMS, phone numbers, etc.  So, I decided to use my Google Voice number as the target and created a QR code that would dial up directly.  I integrated this into an assignment where my students were to respond to an activity.  They had a prompt that they were to verbally reflect, via the phone call.  Sure, they could have just dialed up but it was so much cooler to use a QR reader from their phone!

Applications in the classroom:  using this activity with Google voice allows kids to turn in fluency readings, reflections, poetry jams- really anything!  You can set up your Google voice account to forward transcripts to your e-mail or text message.  This is a really nice feature as you can archive student submissions into folders and track them over time.  A digital verbal voice portfolio.  I love this activity because it is applicable to any age or subject area.  I used this with adult learners, and it worked great!

Kids will get a kick out of turning in traditional work in non-traditional ways!

Resources for this activity:

Kaywa Code Generator- http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

Google Voice- www.google.com/voice

Pathway Project to Nevada’s Future is a 2 year statewide project aimed at infusing technology and 21st century learning into Nevada middle schools. 124 teachers statewide participated in online professional development.  Teachers learned about TPACK model of technology integration, 21st century learning, and participated in statewide collaborative projects.

The project is profiled in the NCTET report (see attached).

NCTET Report-Final (2)


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